Volume 26

Volume 26
  1. cover Winter 1998 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Girard and Integration: Desire, Violence, and the Mimesis of Christ as Foundation for Postmodernity
    2. Prayer in Psychotherapy: A Model for its Use, Ethical Considerations, and Guidelines for Practice
    3. Clergy Sexual Malfeasance: Restoration, Ethics, and Process
    4. How Students Learn Integration: Replication of the Sorenson (1997a) Model
    5. Association Between Religious Attendance, Social Support, and Depression in Psychiatric Patients
    6. Spiritual Well-Being Scale Ethnic Differences Between Caucasians and African-Americans
    7. Growing in Wisdom in Christian Community: Toward Measures of Christian Postformal Development
  2. cover Fall 1998 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. The Loss of the Selfobject Tie and Religious Fundamentalism
    2. The ACE Model of Emotions: Living Jesus Christ While Experiencing Emotions
    3. Group Therapies for Homosexuals Seeking Change
    4. Religious Coping Considered, Part One: An Integrated Approach
    5. Religious Coping Considered, Part Two: A Narrative Reformulation
    6. Spirituality and the 12 Steps of Substance Abuse Recovery
  3. cover Summer 1998 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Wilderness Wanderings and Promised Integration: The Quest for Clarity
    2. Sacred Objects as Vital Objects: Transitional Objects Reconsidered
    3. Psychological Trauma: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Spirituality
    4. Expanding Davanloo's Interpretive Triangles to Explicate the Client's Introjected Image of God
    5. Exorcism Revisited: Positive Outcomes with Dissociative Identity Disorder
    6. The Parish Clergy's Ministry of Prayer with Hospitalized Parishioners
    7. Integrating Across the Psychology Curriculum: A Follow-up Evaluation Plan
  4. cover Spring 1998 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. From Soul to Self and Back Again
    2. Whatever Happened to the Human Soul? A Brief, Christian Genealogy of a Psychological Term
    3. Restoring the Substance to the Soul of Psychology
    4. Response to "Restoring the Substance to the Soul of Psychology": Clinical and Spiritual Development Applications
    5. The Soul or Substantive Self as Experiencer, Actualizer, and Representative in Psychoanalytic Theory
    6. A History of the Concept of the Soul During the 20th Century
    7. Marbles, Clocks, and the Postmodern Self
    8. Spiritual Disciplines, Spiritual Formation, and the Restoration of the Soul
    9. Two Orientations of the Self
    10. Integrative Inquiry