How Students Learn Integration: Replication of the Sorenson (1997a) Model

Volume 26
Winter 1998
How Students Learn Integration: Replication of the Sorenson (1997a) Model

Although Christian doctoral programs in clinical psychology have existed for over three decades with the explicit goal of teaching students to integrate psychology and faith, until recently no one had ever examined empirically how students in fact learn to do this, according to the the students themselves. Sorenson (1997a) studied students at Rosemead School of Psychology and found that a faculty dimension concerning relational attachment greatly impacted students' integration, but the question arises whether these results are unique to Rosemead or generalize to other integrative Christian psychology doctoral programs. The present study tested this question empirically by replicating the Sorenson (1997a) study with students of the Graduate School of Psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary. Results indicate that Fuller students learn integration the same way Rosemead students do. Implications for integrative programs are discussed in conclusion.

Dr. R. Staton, Dr. R.L. Sorenson and Dr. H. Vande Kemp
340 - 350
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