Volume 27

Volume 27
  1. cover Winter 1999 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. The Psychodynamic Treatment of Resistance With a Religious Patient From the Perspective of Intersubjectivity Theory
    2. Jesus as Object: Christian Conversion as Interpreted Through the Perspective of Fairbairn's Object Relations Theory
    3. Secular Versus Christian Inpatient Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Programs: Impact on Depression and Spiritual Well-Being
    4. Values Affecting Collaboration Among Psychologists and Evangelical Clergy
    5. Religiously-Motivated Sexual Orientation Change: A Follow-up Study
    6. Strategies for Using the Five-Factor Model of Personality in Religious Research
  2. cover Fall 1999 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. The Nature of Causality and the Design of Integration Research
    2. Sexual Abuse and Forgiveness
    3. Faith as a Vital Concern in Human Development: Structuring Subjectivity and Intersubjectivity
    4. Bargaining With God: Religious Development and Economic Socialization
    5. High Stress Life Events and Spiritual Development
    6. Religious Commitment, Attributional Style, and Gender as Predictors of Undergraduate Volunteer Behavior and Attitudes
  3. cover Summer 1999 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Psychology and Missions: The Role of the Mental Health Professional in Member Care
    2. A Suggested Prefield Process for Missionary Candidates
    3. Families in Missions: A Research Context.
    4. Spiritual, Family, and Ministry Satisfaction Among Missionaries
    5. Developing Member Care Affiliations: Personal Reflections and Community Psychology Contributions
    6. Critical Incident Intervention With Missionaries: A Comprehensive Approach
    7. The Relationship of Object Relations Development to Cultural Adjustment in a Missionary Sample
    8. Marital Satisfaction, Cross-Cultural Adjustment Stress, and the Psychological Sequelae
    9. Dissociative Disorders in Adult Missionary Kids: Report on Five Cases
    10. Missionary Stressors and Implications for Care
  4. cover Spring 1999 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Theology and Winnicott's Object Relations Theory: A Conversation
    2. Antecedents to the Conflict Between Psychology and Religion in America
    3. Religious Doubting in Parochial School Adolescents
    4. Relationship of Church Giving to Immunological and TxPA Stress Response
    5. A Longitudinal Study of Moral, and Identity development in a Christian Liberal Arts Environment