Spiritual, Family, and Ministry Satisfaction Among Missionaries

Volume 27
Summer 1999
Spiritual, Family, and Ministry Satisfaction Among Missionaries

Missionaries function within overlapping communities or subsystems which comprise the larger cross-cultural missions system. This study assumed a synergistic relationship among these subsystems of spiritual life, family life, and vocational ministry. Stability among relationships and processes within each of these subsystems is important to the well-being of missionaries and the advancement of the Gospel. Presumably, satisfaction among missionaries contributes to stability within each of these subsystems as well as to the global cross-cultural mission system. The focus of this study was the interrelationship of missionaries'€™ satisfaction with their spiritual lives, family lives, and vocational ministries. A number of significant results were observed. Missionaries in this study typically registered high levels of satisfaction with their family lives, vocational ministries, and spiritual lives. The practice of selected spiritual disciplines was positively associated with spiritual life satisfaction. Family life satisfaction, spousal dynamics, and spiritual life satisfaction correlated positively with each other. Perception of one'€™s family of origin correlated significantly with current spousal and family relationships. Finally, missionaries who experienced their missions of affiliation as promoting and encouraging opportunities for their spiritual growth and nurture experienced higher levels of ministry satisfaction, missionary status satisfaction, and family life satisfaction.

Dr. L.A. Andrews
107 - 118
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