Families in Missions: A Research Context.

Volume 27
Summer 1999
Families in Missions: A Research Context.

Over the past quarter-century there has been an increase of concern regarding the experiences and development of missionary children and their families. This review notes recent research efforts directed toward a better understanding of these areas and seeks to provide a context for coordinated research in this area. The development and activities of the research group, Missionary Kids-Consultation and Research Team/Committee on Research and Endowment (MK-CART/CORE), which coordinates research among its several mission agencies, are explicated. Attention is given to distinctives inherent to this approach. Three major projects to date are noted: the boarding school personnel study, the adult missionary kid (AMK) study, and the recently completed missionary family study. Suggestions for future research are made.

Dr. J.R. Powell
98 - 106
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