Religiously-Motivated Sexual Orientation Change: A Follow-up Study

Volume 27
Winter 1999
Religiously-Motivated Sexual Orientation Change: A Follow-up Study

One year after an initial study, follow-up research was conducted on 140 individuals attempting to change their homosexual orientation due to their religious beliefs. The follow-up participants (102 males and 38 females) came from a group of 248 who took part in a prior study. Survey results indicated a behavioral success rate of 60.8% for males and 71.1% for females during the year following the initial study. Participants were considered behaviorally successful if they had abstained from any type of physical homosexual contact in the past year. Success was associated with strong religious motivation and positive mental health. Of those who were not behaviorally successful, the majority (88.2%) indicated that they were still attempting to change their sexual orientation. This finding suggests that these participants still believed enough in the possibility of change to continue to pursue reorientation.

Dr. K.W. Schaeffer, L. Nottebaum, P. Smith, K Dech and J. Krawczyk
329 - 337
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