Role Conflict and British Pentecostal Ministers

Volume 28
Summer 2000
Role Conflict and British Pentecostal Ministers

Church ministers often face the challenges of multiple, conflicting, and ambiguous roles, thus incurring job-related stress based upon the expectations of others and individual personality dynamics. Following the procedures utilized by L. J. Francis and R. Rodger (1994), the relationship of perceived role conflict and personality dynamics was investigated in 930 British Pentecostal ministers. These clergy completed a demographic survey, the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire (H. J. Eysenck & S. B. G. Eysenck, 1975), and the prioritization of 20 ministerial roles in terms of personal values and the perceived expectations of others. The results of this study indicate that ministers who endorse traits associated with neuroticism tend to experience role conflict more than those endorsing other personality profiles.

Dr. W.K. Kay
119 - 124
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