Volume 29

Volume 29
  1. cover Winter 2001 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. The Pleistocene Mind: A Critical Review of Evolutionary Psychology, and an Introduction to Intelligent Design Psychology
    2. Sex Differences: Evolved, Constructed, and Designed
    3. Feeling Humans and Social Animals: Theological Considerations for an Evolutionary Account of Human Emotion
    4. Evolutionary Theory and the Emergence of Moral Nature
    5. Evolutionary Psychology as Computational Theory in the Cognitive Sciences
    6. Intelligent Design Psychology and Evolutionary Psychology: A Comparison of Rival Paradigms
  2. cover Fall 2001 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Interpersonal Forgiveness from an Eastern Orthodox Perspective
    2. Contextualizing Models of Humility and Forgiveness: A Reply to Gassin
    3. Forgiveness and Health: Review and Reflections on a Matter of Faith, Feelings, and Physiology
    4. Common Sense Professional Ethics: A Christian Appraisal
    5. Natural Moral Sense as Basis for Professional Ethics: An Important Proposal but Unlikely to Produce Excellence
    6. Common Sense is NOT Consensus: Professional Ethics as Marksmanship
    7. Parental Attachment, Reverse Culture Shock, Perceived Social Support, and College Adjustment of Missionary Children
  3. cover Summer 2001 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. What Evangelical Pastors Want to Know About Psychology
    2. Professional Use of the Internet: Legal and Ethical Issues in a Member Care Environment
    3. Core Virtues for the Practice of Mentoring
    4. A Phenomenological Model of Therapeutic Exorcism for Dissociative Identity Disorder
    5. Mental Health Needs and Resources in Christian Communities of South Korea
    6. A Second Look at Quest Motivation: Is Quest Unidimensional or Multidimensional?
    7. Religious Attendance and Life Satisfaction in the Finnish General Population
  4. cover Spring 2001 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Christian Spirituality
    2. Measuring Religion and Spirituality: Where Are We and Where Are We Going?
    3. Solitude, Silence, and the Training of Psychotherapists: A Preliminary Study
    4. Spiritual Coping and Well-Functioning Among Psychologists
    5. Freedom in Christ: Quasi-Experimental Research on the Neil Anderson Approach
    6. Gender Differences in the Integration Literature: A Content Analysis of JPT and JPC by Gender and Integration Type
    7. Resources from Reformed Spirituality for Christian Spiritual Formation in Clinical Practice
    8. A Wesleyan Spirituality: Implications for Clinical Practice