Volume 3

Volume 3
  1. cover Fall 1975 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. A Search for Mental Health
    2. Interpersonal Communication: Biblical Insights on the Problem and the Solution
    3. Psychological Wholeness and the Needs of Man
    4. Making It Perfectly Clear
    5. What Part Hath Psychology in Theology?
    6. Navigating the "Straits of Messina"
    7. Neuropsychology and Worship
    8. Getting It Together: C.S. Lewis and the Two Hemispheres of Knowing
    9. Focus of Fulfillment
    10. Toward the Development of a Christian Psychology: Man
    11. Positions on the Concept of Choice in American Psychology
  2. cover Summer 1975 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Adams' Theory of Nouthetic Counseling
    2. The Development of Religious Concepts and Maturity: A Three Stage Model
    3. The Teaching of Religious Concepts: A Three Stage Model
    4. The Development of the God Concept: A Symbolic Interaction Approach
    5. On the Place of Religion in the Thought of Viktor Frankl.
    6. Behavior Therapy and Job's Recovery
    7. An Integration of Statistics and Christianity
    8. Christian Faith and Thanataphobia
    9. A Fundamentalist Church as an Autonomous Community and Its Relationship to the Larger Community
    10. The New Testament Teaching on the Role Relationship of Male and Female with Special Reference to the Teaching/Ruling Functions in the Church
  3. cover Spring 1975 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. A Behavioristic Analysis of the Book of Job
    2. The Value of Freud's Illusion
    3. The Role of Emotional Feelings: A Social Psychological Perspective and Case Study
    4. Homosexuality: Christian Ethics and Psychological Research
    5. A Case for Christian Psychotherapy
    6. A Christian Response to Atheistic and Scientific Humanism
    7. Aristotle's Modern Conception of Man: A Reply to Basil Jackson
    8. Purpose in Life and Religious Orientation
    9. Role Concepts and Self-Esteem in Church Women with Implications for Pastoral Counseling
    10. Popular Christian Psychologies: Some Reflections
  4. cover Winter 1975 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. The Psyche in Psychology and Theology
    2. Anxiety and the Rise of Religious Experience
    3. Assertive Training and the Christian Therapist
    4. A Christian Client Considers Carl Rogers
    5. Kierkegaard and Jung on the Self
    6. Atheistic Humanistic and Christian Humanistic Perspectives on the Human Condition
    7. Identity, Faith, and Maturity
    8. The Effect of Positive Reinforcement on Comprehension, Attitudes, and Rate of Bible Reading in Adolescents
    9. A Feminist Response to Three Critiques