A Christian Client Considers Carl Rogers

Volume 3
Winter 1975
A Christian Client Considers Carl Rogers

Carl Rogers has come unerringly upon much of God's truth about healthy human behavior in his thousands of hours of counseling. Christians find he makes a substantial contribution to our wholeness as people when we pay attention to his "learnings," as he calls them. Christians differ with Rogers in the matter of authority and responsibility and the doctrines springing from them, and he offers no ultimate solutions to the human dilemma. But the church is less rich to the extent that we ignore him. Christians are often afraid to be human, but the Bible does not teach us to be ashamed of our humanness. When we are redeemed by Jesus Christ we are called back from the Fall to what God created us to be - really human. Carl Rogers helps us to true humanity.

J.L. Jacobs
25 - 30
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