The Psyche in Psychology and Theology

Volume 3
Winter 1975
The Psyche in Psychology and Theology

The traditional view of the soul derived, as it has been from pagan Hellenistic speculative thinking, is not synonymous with the biblical concept. The use of the psuche in Scripture does not support the common theological interpretation of the soul as a nonphysical and separate metaphysical appendage to man. The biblical idea of soul is consistent with the views of modern psychology and stresses the wholeness of man. Man must be considered as a totality "in function" as an organism which expresses the vitality of his existence through his functioning. This is his personality. When this concept of personality is considered as an interlocking of functions and traits, an architectural unity involving the whole person, it will be seen to closely equate the biblical use of psuche.

Dr. B. Jackson
3 - 10
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