A Search for Mental Health

Volume 3
Fall 1975
A Search for Mental Health

Reviews several sets of psychological concepts that reflect the general position that mental health and mental illness are separate dimensions-not just the opposite or absence of one another. The impact of these concepts is that mental illness involves a defensive ego orientation, and mental health involves a growth-related task orientation. The position is related to concepts of conventional morality and some explicit teachings of Christ regarding self-denial and giving one's life for a greater cause. In the review of psychological concepts, S.E. Asch's "task-orientation" is juxtaposed with a "self-orientation" implicit in C.R Roger's theory. F. Herzberg's job factor theory, the concepts of coping and defending, and G.W. Allport's intrinsic and extrinsic religious orientation also depicts similar dichotomies of mental health and metal illness. Relationships between theology and psychology in general are discussed.

Dr. R.D. Kahoe
235 - 242
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