Focus of Fulfillment

Volume 3
Fall 1975
Focus of Fulfillment

The search for a fulfilling, self-actualizing life may seem to create a dilemma for the Christian. He is to be leading a rich, satisfying life; yet he is to deny or "empty" self. An attempt is made to resolve this issue through an analysis of the teachings of Jesus and the findings of Maslow as related to the concept of self-fulfillment and actualization. It is found that both teachers consider fulfillment to be associated with the outside-the-self commitments and concerns, much in contrast to many current books and programs which tend to focus upon the self in bringing people to a richer life experience. The writings of a leading psychotherapist lend further support to the idea that the focus of fulfillment is not self, but rather is an orientation toward outside-the-self matters.

Dr. L.W. Bailey
294 - 297
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