Single and Sexual: The Church's Neglected Dilemma

Volume 30
Fall 2002
Single and Sexual: The Church's Neglected Dilemma

The topic of single sexuality is one that can be broached from many different viewpoints-€”psychological, spiritual, emotional, physical, biological, or relational. Thus, the scope of this topic lends itself to various interpretations and points from which to discuss the dilemma that individuals who are single face about their sexuality. Essentially, this predicament can be summed in two questions: (a) What does it mean to be single and sexual; and (b) what does the church say about it? This article provides the reader with an overview of the state of single sexuality in the world and in the church. It addresses some of the mythology and helpful theology in addressing the two critical questions, in addition to various supports provided by the people who work with this population. We close with a practical model for singles considering courtship or Stage II dating.

Dr. D.E. Rosenau and Dr. E.S.N. Tan
185 - 194
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