Spiritual Direction in the Episcopal Church

Volume 30
Winter 2002
Spiritual Direction in the Episcopal Church

This article briefly traces the definition, history, and current typical practices of spiritual direction in the Episcopal Church (and, by extension, the Anglican Communion). An understanding is presented of the transformation process as an alliance against the client'€™s shame. The on-going discussion between "€œdirectors"€ and "€œspiritual companions"€ as different approaches to power relations with spiritual direction is summarized. Characteristics by which Episcopalians gauge spiritual maturity are described. Difficulties in exactly distinguishing spiritual direction from conventional psychotherapy are described in view of the latter'€™s fluidity in practice. Attention is focused on the triggers that alert the director to the need for the other discipline. Also, two books representing different currents within the mainstream are recommended.

G. Temple
303 - 313
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