Burnout among Dutch Reformed Pastors

Volume 31
Winter 2003
Burnout among Dutch Reformed Pastors

The present study examined the degree of burnout among Dutch reformed pastors and aspects that may be conducive to the onset of burnout. They were asked to report how difficult they found their tasks and what options they had to alleviate the pressure of work they experienced. Compared with other human service professionals the results show that pastors have relatively high scores on emotional exhaustion and relatively low scores on depersonalization. Pastors have relatively low scores on personal accomplishment. Those who say they are experiencing severe pressure of work appear to have high scores on the three burnout dimensions. Role ambiguity and lack of social support appear to intensify reported feelings of burnout. This article concludes by discussing some of the pastor's own suggestions as to how to relieve work pressure.

W. Evers and W. Tomic
329 - 338
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