Shedding Light on Theophostic Ministry 1: Practice Issues

Volume 32
Spring 2004
Shedding Light on Theophostic Ministry 1: Practice Issues

Theophostic Ministry (TPM), a "€œChristian Counseling Ministry"€ developed by Ed Smith (1997, 2000), is reviewed and critiqued regarding practice issues that emerge from its use. According to Smith, thousands of pastoral, lay, and professional counselors have been trained in Theophostic Ministry, treating a wide range of mental health disorders. To date there is virtually no published literature on Theophostic Ministry in the professional journals, either of a theoretical or empirical nature. After providing a summary of TPM methods and claims made in its behalf, the present article aims to (a) evaluate the adequacy of Smith'€™s exegetical support for TPM and (b) evaluate praxis and theory issues regarding TPM relative to (1) views on neurobiology, memory, emotion, and antidepressants; (2) views on dissociative phenomena and demonology; (3) reported rates of traumatic abuse; and (4) the possibility that TPM may induce iatrogenic memories.

Dr. D.N. Entwistle
26 - 34
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