Expanding Horizons for Christians in Psychology

Volume 32
Fall 2004
Expanding Horizons for Christians in Psychology

The integration of psychology and Christianity involves the juxtaposition of at least two horizons of understanding. Numerous attempts have been made to produce an expanded horizon that is faithfully and integrally both Christian and psychological. The current paper explores the role of the concept of "faithful comprehension" as a regulative ideal for integration. This idea is unpacked both in light of externalist epistemology and hermeneutical realism. Some implications for psychological and Christian knowing are considered. The paper concludes by calling Christian psychologists, and Christian psychology training programs, to develop expanded epistemologies that complement what is truth-productive in psychological science with other methods that allow a more complete range of the person to be investigated. Such calls are not unique in the integration literature. Externalism's emphasis on reliable truth production clarifies what must be accomplished by any such expanded psychological science, Christian or otherwise.

Dr. W.L. Hathaway
210 - 220
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