Volume 33

Volume 33
  1. cover Winter 2005 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. A Confirmatory Test of the Factor Validity of Scores on the Spiritual Well-Being Scale in a Community Sample of African Americans
    2. Soul Origin: Revisiting Creationist and Traducianist Theological Perspectives in Light of Current Trends in Developmental Psychology
    3. Research on the Healing Power of Distant Intercessory Prayer: Disconnect Between Science and Faith
    4. Helping Christian College Students Become More Forgiving: An Intervention Study to Promote Forgiveness as Part of a Program to Shape Christian Character
    5. Religiosity and Risk of Perpetrating Child Physical Abuse: An Empirical Investigation
    6. Factors Affecting Clergy-Psychologist Referral Patterns
  2. cover Fall 2005 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Introduction to the Special Issue: Gender and Christianity
    2. The Nature of Gender: Gender Identity in Persons Who are Intersexed or Transgendered
    3. Gender Role Orientation and Attitude Toward Christianity: A Study Among Older Men & Women in the United Kingdom
    4. Relationship Between Role Perception and Well-Being in Married Female Missionaries
    5. Women Called: A Qualitative Study of Christian Women Dually Called to Motherhood and Career
    6. Calling and Conflict: A Qualitative Exploration of Interrole Conflict and the Sanctification of Work in Christian Mothers in Academia
    7. The Effect of Egalitarian and Complementarian Gender Role Attitudes on Career Aspirations in Evangelical Female Undergraduate College Students
  3. cover Summer 2005 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Introduction to the Special Section: Scripture and Psychology
    2. Scripture and Psychological Science: Integrative Challenges & Callings
    3. Living on the Boundary: Scriptural Authority and Psychology
    4. Interventions that Apply Scripture in Psychotherapy
    5. Gender Relations and the Biblical Drama
    6. Messianic Believers: Reflections on Identity of a Largely Misunderstood Group
    7. Suicide Acceptability and Religious Well-Being: A Comparative Analysis in African American Suicide Attempters and Non-Attempters
  4. cover Spring 2005 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Sexual Identity Development and Synthesis Among LGB-Identified and LGB Dis-Identified Persons
    2. Being a Good Neighbor: Can Students Come to Value Homosexual Persons?
    3. Psychological and Spiritual Predictors of Domains of Functioning and Effectiveness of Short-Term Missionaries
    4. Male Spirituality and the Men's Movement: A Factorial Examination of Motivations
    5. Reflective Judgment: Seminarians' Epistemology in a World of Relativism