Volume 34

Volume 34
  1. cover Winter 2006 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Relationships among Perceived Stress, Premenstrual Symptomatology and Spiritual Well-being in Women
    2. "Love Supreme": On Spiritual Experience and Change in Personality Structure
    3. Traumatic Stress in a Missionary Population: Dimensions and Impact
    4. Measuring Faith Development
    5. Organizational Commitment, Job Satisfaction, and Turnover Intention of Missionaries
    6. Higher Stages? Some Cautions for Christian Integration with Kohlberg's Theory
  2. cover Fall 2006 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Introduction to Special Issue: Philosophical Issues in Psychology and Religion
    2. Secular Psychology: What's the Problem?
    3. Missed Opportunities in Dialogue Between Psychology and Religion
    4. Are Psychology's Main Methods Biased Against the Worldview of Many Religious People?
    5. Psychology and Religion: Hermeneutic Reflections
    6. Psychology, Religion, and Critical Hermeneutics: Comments on Reber, Slife and Whoolery, Nelson, and Richardson
    7. Integration: Defending It, Describing It, Doing It
    8. Theoretical Issues in the Relationship Between Psychology and Religion: Some Comments on Reber, Nelson, Slife and Whoolery, and Richardson
    9. Comments on Articles by Nelson, Slife, Reber, and Richardson
    10. Response to Cooper and Browning's Commentary
    11. Hermeneutics and Dialogue as Tools Toward Integration: Babies and Bathwater, Problems and Solutions
    12. Psychological Method and the Activity of God: Clarifications and Distinctions
    13. Secularism, Psychology, and Hermeneutics
  3. cover Summer 2006 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Seeking Forgiveness: Considering the Role of Moral Emotions
    2. God as a Secure Base: Attachment to God and Theological Exploration
    3. Christian Views of Self and God: Context Matters
    4. Defensive versus Existential Religion: Is Religious Defensiveness Predictive of Worldview Defense?
    5. Cultural Identity and Reentry in Short-Term Student Missionaries
    6. Cyberporn Use in the Context of Religiosity
  4. cover Spring 2006 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Psychology Returns to Love--of God and Neighbor-as-Self: An Introduction to the Special Issue
    2. Psychology's Love-Hate Relationship with Love: Critiques, Affirmations, and Christian Responses
    3. To Be Loved and To Love
    4. Interpersonal Forgiveness as an Example of Loving One's Enemies
    5. Communion and Complaint: Attachment, Object-Relations, and Triangular Love Perspectives on Relationship with God
    6. Spiritual Pollution: The Dilemma of Sociomoral Disgust and the Ethic of Love
    7. With-ing: A Psychotherapy of Love
    8. Is There a Basis for Loving All People?