Kicking the Patient: Immediacy in the Consulting Room

Volume 35
Spring 2007
Kicking the Patient: Immediacy in the Consulting Room

A case is presented of an adolescent with a history of substance abuse. The case is discussed from the perspective of Time Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy (TLDP). The patient'€™s Cyclical Maladaptive Pattern (CMP) involved remaining attached to significant others by avoiding all conflict and seeking to please them as much as possible out of a fear of abandonment. The therapist became "€œhooked"€ into countertransference enactment-€“ kicking the patient-€“ thus playing the role of the rejecting adult figure that fails her. The patient and therapist were then able to break out of this cyclical pattern and forge a new kind of relationship. This experience led to the patient developing a healthier relational pattern in her life and, hopefully, may lead to her experience of God being able to break free from her expectations as well.

Dr. M.W. Mangis
43 - 51
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