Sex and Gender Differences in Religiousness and Spirituality

Volume 36
Spring 2008
Sex and Gender Differences in Religiousness and Spirituality

Researchers have demonstrated that women participate more frequently than men in religious activities, and some have argued the differences may be attributable to gender orientation (feminine or masculine) rather than sex (female or male). The present study explored both gender and sex differences as they related to religious participation and spirituality among participants explicitly involved in religious activity. In contrast to previous studies, the data collected from 190 Christian adults revealed no statistically significant differences in religious participation between men and women nor among individuals categorized as feminine, masculine, or androgynous. Furthermore, men, women, and people from each gender orientation were equally aware of their relationship with God. The results suggest gender and sex differences within the psychology of religion are not as clear as previously proposed.

Dr. D.B. Simpson, Dr. J.L. Newman, D.S. Cloud and Dr. D.R. Fuqua
42 - 52
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