Volume 37

Volume 37
  1. cover Winter 2009 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Attachment to God and Implicit Spirituality: Clarifying Correspondence and Compensation Models
    2. Exploring Christians' Explicit Attachment to God Representations: The Development of a Template for Assessing Attachment to God Experiences
    3. The Dedication to the Sacred (DS) Scale: Adapting a Marriage Measure to Study Relational Spirituality
    4. The Unconverted Subconscious in Psychotherapy: Biblical Foundations, Psychological Explorations and Clinical Applications
    5. Profanity: The Gnostic Affront of the Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television
  2. cover Fall 2009 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. The ABC-X Model of Family Stress in the Book of Philippians
    2. "Are You Afraid to Die?" Religion and Death Attitudes in an Adolescent Sample
    3. Kierkegaard as Physician of the Soul: On Self-forgiveness and Despair
    4. The New Exodus: A Narrative Paradigm for Understanding Soul Care
    5. Appreciative Musings on Normative Thoughts, Normative Feelings, Normative Actions
  3. cover Summer 2009 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Grief-work in Light of the Cross: Illustrating Transformational Interdisciplinarity
    2. Listening to Sexual Minorities on Christian College Campuses
    3. The Impact of Child-parent Attachment, Attachment to God and Religious Orientation on Psychological Adjustment
    4. Normative Thoughts, Normative Feelings, Normative Actions: A Protestant, Relational Psychoanalytic Reply to E. Christian Brugger and the Faculty of IPS
    5. Differentiated Styles of Attachment to God and Varying Religious Coping Efforts
  4. cover Spring 2009 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Pilgrims' Progress: Faculty & University Factors in Graduate Student Integration of Faith & Profession
    2. The Other Side of the Podium: Student Perspectives on Learning Integration
    3. A Phenomenology of the Integration of Faith and Learning
    4. Integration in the Classroom: Ten Teaching Strategies
    5. Teaching Integration Outside the Traditional Classroom
    6. Developing Integration Skills: The Role of Clinical Supervision
    7. Faith-Praxis Integration in Research Design and Statistics