Volume 38

Volume 38
  1. cover Winter 2010 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Interventions to Promote Forgiveness in Couple & Family Context: Conceptualization, Review, & Analysis
    2. Transgressions, Guilt, and Forgiveness: A Model of Seeking Forgiveness
    3. Relational Spirituality and Dispositional Forgiveness: A Structural Equations Model
    4. A Place for the Church within Professional Psychology
    5. The Therapeutic Implications of the Imprecatory Psalms in the Christian Counseling Setting
  2. cover Fall 2010 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Including God in Psychotherapy: Strong vs. Weak Theism
    2. Adult Attachment, God Attachment and Gender in Relation to Perceived Stress
    3. Evaluating Impact of Transition Seminars on Missionary Kids' Depression, Anxiety, Stress & Well-being
    4. Can Specific MMPI-2 Scales Predict Treatment Response Among Missionaries?
    5. Family of Origin Qualities as Predictors of Religious Dysfunctional Perfectionism
  3. cover Summer 2010 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Forgiveness and Reconciliation: The Differing Perspectives of Psychologists and Christian Theologians
    2. Relational Spirituality and Forgiveness: Development of the Spiritual Humility Scale (SHS)
    3. Denominational Support for Clergy Mental Health
    4. The Role of Suffering in Human Flourishing: Contributions from Positive Psychology, Theology, & Philosophy
    5. Attachment and Faith Development
  4. cover Spring 2010 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. A Butterfly Effect: The Impact of Marriage and Family Therapy Training on Students' Spouses
    2. Quest and Spiritual Development Moderated by Spiritual Transformation
    3. Internet Pornography Use in the Context of External and Internal Religiosity
    4. Differentiation of Self and Christian Spiritual Maturity: Social Science and Theological Integration
    5. Spirituality, Religion, and Work Values