Spirituality, Religion, and Work Values

Volume 38
Spring 2010
Spirituality, Religion, and Work Values

The current study explored the relation of intrinsic religiousness and spirituality to work values with a sample of undergraduate college students (N = 265). Each of these constructs was found to weakly correlate with the value of influence, and spirituality weakly-moderately correlated with valuing service and meaning. Hierarchical regression analyses revealed that the relations among these variables were substantially moderated by gender. For males, higher levels of spirituality moderately related to valuing influence and service whereas for females no significant relations existed among these constructs. It is proposed that spirituality and religiousness may have only a minor relation to the work values assessed in this study, but these connections may be stronger for men. Researchers and counselors are encouraged to continue to examine how a client's spiritual or religious beliefs may affect what they desire out of their career.

Dr. R.D. Duffy
52 - 61
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