Attachment and Faith Development

Volume 38
Summer 2010
Attachment and Faith Development

Recent research has shown the relationship between an attachment to caregivers and an attachment to God, an attachment to God and adult attachment, attachment to God and religiosity, and attachment and spiritual maturity, but has failed to examine the link between attachment and faith development (which includes not only the relational but also the imaginative nature in the questioning and answering process regarding philosophical notions of existence). The current project investigated the relationship between adult romantic attachment (cf. Brennan et al., 1998) and Fowler's (1981) stages of faith development in an undergraduate sample at a private, religious university (N = 95). Attachment anxiety (but not attachment avoidance) predicted faith development, such that the higher the attachment anxiety, the lower the stage of faith development.

J.T. Hart, Dr. A. Limke and Dr. P.R. Budd
122 - 128
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