Volume 39

Volume 39
  1. cover Winter 2011 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Integrative Perspectives on Human Flourishing: The Imago Dei and Positive Psychology
    2. "If I Tell Others about My Anger toward God, How Will They Respond?" Predictors, Associated Behaviors, and Outcomes in an Adult Sample
    3. Forgiveness and Attachment: A Link That Survives the Grave?
    4. Beliefs and Practices of Christian Psychotherapists Regarding Non-Sexual Multiple Relationships
    5. Because God Said So: Religious Facets of Sexual and Gender Harassment in Christian Academia
    6. An Initial Christian Counselor Internship Program for Ukraine
  2. cover Fall 2011 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Community Psychology, the Church and Theological Perspectives: Introduction to the Special Issue
    2. Core Assumptions and Values in Community Psychology: A Christian Reflection
    3. Community Psychology and Liberation Theologies: Commonalities, Collaboration, Dilemmas
    4. Action-Oriented Research: A Primer and Examples
    5. Giving Voice to the Voiceless: Collaborative Inquiry in Poor Communities of Mexico City
    6. Cross-Cultural Comparison of Religious Coping Methods Reported by Native Guatemalan and Kenyan Faith-Based Relief Providers
    7. Community, Spiritual Traditions, and Disasters in Collective Societies
    8. Faith-Based Organizations in a System of Behavioral Health Care
    9. Faith-Based HIV Care and Prevention in Chinese Immigrant Communities: Rhetoric or Reality?
  3. cover Summer 2011 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. The Multidimensional Structure of the Quest Construct
    2. Biblical Foundationalism and Religious Reflection: Polarization of Faith and Intellect Oriented Epistemologies within a Christian Ideological Surround
    3. Attachment to God: Differentiating the Contributions of Fathers and Mothers Using the Experiences in Parental Relationships Scale
    4. Resolving Anger toward God: Lament as an Avenue toward Attachment
    5. From Prayer Activities to Receptive Prayer: Godly Love and the Knowledge that Surpasses Understanding
    6. The Perceived Roles of God During Suicide Bereavement
  4. cover Spring 2011 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Exploring Spiritual Formation in the Christian Academy: The Dialects of Church, Culture, and the Larger Integrative Task
    2. Evangelical Christian Students and the Path to Self-Authorship
    3. The Multidimensional Nature of the Quest Construct Forgiveness, Spiritual Perception, and Differentiation of Self
    4. The Effects of a Manualized Group-Psychotherapy Intervention on Client God Images and Attachment to God: A Pilot Study
    5. APA Accreditation of Doctoral Psychology Programs in Christian Universities