Action-Oriented Research: A Primer and Examples

Volume 39
Fall 2011
Action-Oriented Research: A Primer and Examples

Action-oriented research is defined as generating knowledge through applied collaborative university community interventions that can simultaneously contribute to local communities and add to general knowledge. Few examples currently exist in the Christian integration literature. We present a conceptual article encouraging Christians who integrate their practice, research, and Christianity to undertake
more of this difficult and costly, yet important research. Some benefits and difficulties in conducting action-oriented research are described with specific research examples. As a case study, we briefly report a failed initial effort, and then report a successful research example in the Center for Disease Control and Prevention-sponsored Multisite Violence Prevention Program (MVPP). We conclude that the imperfect case study can reveal lessons for researchers and community agencies that could make future action oriented research of higher quality. We encourage
researchers and practitioners to collaborate on action-oriented research to eventually lead to high quality research like the MVPP.

Dr. E.L., Jr. Worthington, Dr. A.J. Miller and J.C. Talley
211 - 221
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