Volume 4

Volume 4
  1. cover Fall 1976 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. The Holy Spirit and Human Personality
    2. Brain Functions of Christians and Non-Christians
    3. Demon Possession or Psychopathology?: A Clinical Differentiation
    4. Human Relations Training with a Church Related Population
    5. The Counseling Ministry of the Churches of Christ
    6. A Psychological Analysis of Biblical Interpretations Pertaining to Women
    7. Setting the Issues: Women's Liberation and Christian Theology
    8. Christian Feminism: A Review of Volumes by Scanzoni & Hardesty and Jewett
  2. cover Summer 1976 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Jesus' Style of Relating: The Search for a Biblical View of Counseling
    2. Nouthetic Counseling Defended
    3. Nouthetic Counseling Defended: A Reply to Ganz
    4. The Nature of Psychotheology: Varieties of Conceptual Integration
    5. Missionary Family Behavior, Dissonance, and Children's Career Decision
    6. A Study of the Relationship of Parent-Adolescent Communication, Self-Esteem, and God Image
    7. A Selection of Recent Literature on Human Sexuality with Special Reference to Marriage Counseling Practice
  3. cover Spring 1976 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. An Unknown God Made Known (The Religion of Psychology)
    2. Effective Counseling and Psychotherapy: An Integrative Review of Research
    3. Salvation: Individualistic or Communal?
    4. The "Green-Grass" Revisited
    5. A Reply to "An Iintegration of Statistics and Christianity"
    6. Reflections of Schoen, the Greeks, and Modern Man
    7. The Study of "Religiosity": Its History and its Future
    8. New Methods in the Psychology of Religion
    9. Religious Values and Their Effect on the Perception of a Therapist in a Psychotherapy Analogue
  4. cover Winter 1976 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. The Nature and Scope of Integration: A Proposal
    2. "The Compleat Person:" Some Theoretical Views and Research Findings for a Theological-Psychology of Religion
    3. Perfectionism in Religion and Psychotherapy Or: On Discerning the Spirits
    4. The Psychology of Spiritual Conflict
    5. The Illusion of Continuity
    6. Self-Identity and Morality
    7. A History of Method in the Psychology of Religion (1900-1960)
    8. Empirical Studies in the Psychology of Religion: An Assessment of the Period 1960-1970
    9. Parental Image and the Concept of God: An Evangelical Protestant-Catholic Comparison