The Illusion of Continuity

Volume 4
Winter 1976
The Illusion of Continuity

Because human existence is indelibly marked by ignorance, faith always exists within an ambience of doubt. This is the truth recorded in the third chapter of Genesis, when we read of the "curse" laid on man for his disobedience. For the truth of this curse is not first of all one involving the pain and death in human existence, but the fact that man no longer sees God face to face. What we call in this paper "the illusion of continuity" is the psychological attempt to deny this truth, through asserting that the individual can plan his life in such a way that no events can intrude upon and destroy its intelligibility and meaning. We will criticize this denial as both an explicit attempt to exempt the individual from the Genetic curse of ignorance as well as an implicit affirmation that one can see and control the future as God himself does.

Dr. J.G. Sobosan
42 - 46
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