Brain Functions of Christians and Non-Christians

Volume 4
Fall 1976
Brain Functions of Christians and Non-Christians

Meyer (1975) has hypothesized that Christians might have a "peculiar organization of neurons" in their right cerebral hemispheres which reflects their approach to the world and which is relevant to the perception and integration of their experience (p. 286). This hypothesis was evaluated employing 20 Christian and 24 non-Christians who were selected by a series of criteria designed to rule out doubtful cases. Each individual took an extensive battery of neuropsychological tests known to be sensitive to a wide range of brain functions. The results showed no differences whatever between the groups. Interpretation of the data recognized the lack of a one-to-one correlation between the spiritual and physical aspects of the individual and emphasized the importance of empirical methods in the integration of psychology and theology.

Dr. C.B. Dodrill
280 - 285
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