The Counseling Ministry of the Churches of Christ

Volume 4
Fall 1976
The Counseling Ministry of the Churches of Christ

To survey the extent and the nature of the counseling ministries of the preachers of the churches of Christ, questionnaires were mailed to a stratified random sample of preachers. The results generally indicated that the preachers consider counseling to be useful to essential in their overall ministry as the majority spend between 10 and 20% of their time in counseling. The preachers indicated that the most frequent types of counseling cases in order were: (a) marriage counseling, (b) premarital counseling, (c) doctrinal cases, (d) alcohol cases, (e) drug cases, (f) suicide cases, and (g) severe emotional cases. The most frequently counseled age group was 19 and under, while people 61 and over were counseled the least. Few of the preachers had an adequate educational background in psychology, though over 75% desired to take a course now in this area.

R.J. Givens
300 - 303
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