Volume 40

Volume 40
  1. cover Winter 2012 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Religion, Spirituality, and Trauma: An Introduction
    2. What Would Walther Do? Applying Law and Gospel to Victims and Perpetrators of Child Sexual Abuse
    3. Religious Considerations and Self-Forgiveness in Treating Complex Trauma and Moral Injury in Present and Former Soldiers
    4. Earthquake in Haiti: Relationship with the Sacred in Times of Trauma
    5. Trauma, Attachment, and Spirituality: A Case Study
    6. The Relationship between Religiosity, PTSD, and Depressive Symptoms in Veterans in PTSD Residential Treatment
    7. Child Abuse and the Church: A Call for Prevention, Treatment, and Training
    8. The Lived Coping Experiences of South Mississippi and New Orleans Clergy Affected by Hurricane Katrina: An Exploratory Study
    9. Future Directions for the Study and Application of Religion, Spirituality, and Trauma Research
    10. Index for Volume 40
  2. cover Fall 2012 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. The Practice of Integration With Postmodern Therapies: Exploring the Use of Ingram's (1995) Model With Emotionally Focused Therapy
    2. Redemptive Validity and the Assessment of Depression: Singing Songs to Heavy Hearts
    3. Religious Involvement, Humility, and Change in Self-Rated Health Over Time
    4. The Role of Spiritual Development in the Cross-Cultural Reentry Adjustment of Missionaries
    5. Called for Leadership: Psychological Type Profile of Leaders Within the Newfrontiers Network of Churches in the United Kingdom
    6. The Holy Spirit, Common Grace, and Secular Psychotherapy
  3. cover Summer 2012 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Editors' Introduction
    2. Revisiting the Issue of Influential Sources in the Integration of Psychology and Theology: Are We There Yet?
    3. Integration, Multicultural Counseling, and Social Justice
    4. Integration in the Study of Homosexuality, GLBT Issues, and Sexual Identity
    5. Practical Integration in Cross-Cultural Member Care
    6. Culture, Language, and Integration
    7. Integration: Toward a Variety of Musical Ensembles
    8. The Political Meaning of Christian Caregiving
    9. Disaster Spiritual and Emotional Care in Professional Psychology: A Christian Integrative Approach
    10. Applied Clinical Integration in Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents: A Look Ahead
    11. Christian Counseling, Interpersonal Neurobiology, and the Future
    12. Principled, Professional, and Personal Integration and Beyond: Further Reflections on the Past and Future
    13. Integration of Psychology and Christianity: 2022
    14. Teaching Christian Integration in Psychology and Counseling: Current Status and Future Directions
  4. cover Spring 2012 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Editors' Introduction
    2. Revisiting the Issue of Influential Sources in the Integration of Psychology and Theology: More than a Decade Summary
    3. Lost Opportunities, Partial Successes, and Key Questions: Some Historical Lessons
    4. Dis-integrating Psychology and Theology
    5. Let's Talk: Embeddedness, Majority-Minority Relations, Principled Pluralism, and the Importance of Dialogue
    6. Doing Psychology as a Christian: A Plea for Wholeness
    7. The Idea of a Christian Psychology
    8. Where Do We Want to be in 10 Years? Towards an Integration Strategy for Clinical Psychologists
    9. Doing Theology in Dialogue with Psychology
    10. Revisiting a Field of Dreams: Looking Back with Appreciation and Forward with Anticipation
    11. Spiritual Experiences Reconsidered: A Relational Approach to the Integration of Psychology and Theology
    12. There's Room for All of Us: Discerning Your Role in the Integration Movement
    13. Integration in Three Tenses: A Journey from Separate and Not Equal to Integral and Interwoven
    14. Converging Horizons for Relational Integration: Differentiation-Based Collaboration