Editors' Introduction

Volume 40
Spring 2012
Editors' Introduction

It has been 40 years since the initiation of the Journal of Psychology and Theology. A lot has happened in those years. The cognitive revolution came and receded in psychology and neuropsychology was hardly a burst of neuronal energy. Questionnaires were the usual fare for assessment. EEGs were a few electrodes on the skull and evoked potentials were rudimentary. There were no of MRIs or PET scans. Cognitive neuroscience was in its beginnings. Psychotherapy tended to emphasize the rational
(rational-emotive therapy, cognitive-behavioral, and behavioral self-control were the rage) or psychodynamic (with the short-term treatments just beginning). Experimental psychology has slid toward the emotional and non-rational since then. We are positive that 40 years ago, no one was thinking about positive psychology. Managed mental health care was not yet created, and psychotherapists in private practice (there were a lot of solo practitioners then) made almost as much per hour as psychotherapists make now with less overhead because clients usually paid cash and then they submitted for reimbursement from their insurance company. The integration of psychology and theology was underway and basic interdisciplinary conversations were the stub of integration.

Dr. E.L., Jr. Worthington and Dr. T.W. Hall
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