Doing Psychology as a Christian: A Plea for Wholeness

Volume 40
Spring 2012
Doing Psychology as a Christian: A Plea for Wholeness

Although trained as a philosopher, I have always had a great interest and appreciation for the field of psychology. Part of that interest stems from a concern for philosophical issues that overlap with psychology: the mind-body problem and the nature of consciousness, the philosophy of action and problems concerning freedom and determinism, for example. Theological concerns have also motivated an interest in psychology, since it is difficult to see how one can make sense of things like the doctrine of sin, or the idea that Christians are “one with Christ” without putting such ideas into a psychological framework. Part of my interest in psychology simply stems from fascination with the field in all its breadth, covering such diverse areas as neuro-physiological study of the brain, clinical psychology and its understanding of mental illness, social psychology, developmental psychology, and many other sub-disciplines. At one time my interest in psychology was strong enough that I seriously considered pursuing a Ph.D. in psychology in addition to the doctorate in philosophy I had already earned.

Dr. C.S. Evans
32 - 36
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