Doing Theology in Dialogue with Psychology

Volume 40
Spring 2012
Doing Theology in Dialogue with Psychology

The dialogue between theology and psychology is part of the broader dialogue between theology and science, but more two-way. Theology operates with a broader conceptual framework, and points to approaches that psychology may neglect. One of the principal points of intersection between theology and psychology concerns human nature, though there is also a dialogue between theology and psychology about religion itself. Though the claims of the two disciplines are often seen as alternatives, it is argued that they are better seen as complementary perspectives. Issues also arise about the psychological significance of particular religious doctrines. It is argued that psychology is a methodological hybrid, part natural science, part human science, and this facilitates its dialogue with theology. Part of the resistance to psychological approaches to theology is that it is mistakenly thought to undercut the claimed objectivity of the claims made by theology.

Dr. F. Watts
45 - 50
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