Integration: Toward a Variety of Musical Ensembles

Volume 40
Summer 2012
Integration: Toward a Variety of Musical Ensembles

I use a musical metaphor to reflect on my perspective on integration’s past, present, and future. If integration began as a small chamber orchestra, it is currently a collection of symphony orchestras, and I hope it will become a variety of musical ensembles, including jazz ensembles as well as rock bands. The progression of these metaphors reflects some of the strengths and challenges in integration. Early efforts in integration provided a strong foundation, but may have been less open to diverse voices. Present efforts are more welcoming of diverse perspectives, but may still be less open to perspectives that may enrich integrative efforts. The metaphor of musical ensembles that includes varied musical groups is a call and challenge for future integration efforts to embrace more diversity, but also engage the creative tensions that this inclusiveness evokes.

Dr. A.D. Abernethy
122 - 126
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