The Holy Spirit, Common Grace, and Secular Psychotherapy

Volume 40
Fall 2012
The Holy Spirit, Common Grace, and Secular Psychotherapy

This paper seeks to demonstrate how the Holy Spirit, through common grace, may be actively working and using secular psychotherapy in light of the dual reality of belief and unbelief in this world. The Triune God desires to bring a world fallen in sin to his desired goal of reconciliation with Him through the redemptive work of Christ. The Holy Spirit works through common grace in order to help people experience the goodness of God to draw them to him. As such the Holy Spirit may work through secular psychotherapy to bless people in general, restrain sin in this world, prepare for salvation, or aid in the progressive sanctification of believers. The Holy Spirit’s activity through secular psychotherapy entails for Christian counselors and scholars a challenging call to engage wisely with secular psychotherapy in order to bless humankind, to be a witness, and to use potential blessings for the sake of distinctly Christian psychotherapy.

Dr. L. Kim-van Daalen
229 - 239
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