Religion, Spirituality, and Trauma: An Introduction

Volume 40
Winter 2012
Religion, Spirituality, and Trauma: An Introduction

Current research trends suggest that about half of all people will experience directly, or vicariously, some form of trauma over the course of their lifespan. Recent societal events, such as high profile child abuse cases and scandals, increased rates of post-traumatic stress disorder and suicide rates among returning veterans, and some of the worst natural disasters recorded in history have brought greater attention to issues of trauma. With this have come several advances in our understanding and treatment of trauma. As a result, this area of study has seen an increase in the diversity of topics investigated and sophistication of research methodologies implored. Despite these significant gains, there is still much to be learned about the unique role of religion and spirituality in relation to trauma. Thus, the purpose of this special issue is to contribute to this burgeoning body of literature. Before describing the work contained in the pages that follow, we briefly share some background about where our interest and work on faith and trauma began.

Dr. J.D. Aten and Dr. D.F. Walker
255 - 256
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