Trauma, Attachment, and Spirituality: A Case Study

Volume 40
Winter 2012
Trauma, Attachment, and Spirituality: A Case Study

The goal of this article is to illustrate the interaction between trauma, attachment, and spirituality, and to demonstrate how to address this interaction in long-term attachment-based psychoanalysis. Toward that end, this article briefly summarizes the convergence of attachment theory and psychoanalysis, and then reviews literature on attachment to God and trauma, including complex traumatic stress. We then present an in-depth case study of a patient with symptoms of complex traumatic stress that was treated from a long-term attachment-based psychoanalytic modality. Finally, based on the case that is presented, recommendations are made to practitioners about dealing with trauma and spiritual issues from an attachment-based perspective.

Dr. L. E. Maltby and Dr. T.W. Hall
302 - 312
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