Volume 41

Volume 41
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    1. The Efficacy of a Manualized Group Treatment Protocol for Changing God Image, Attachment to God, Religious Coping, and Love of God, Others and Self
    2. Hope, Religious Behaviors, and Attachment to God: A Trinitarian Perspective
    3. Spiritual Satisfaction of Basic Psychological Needs and Psychological Health
    4. Moral Intuitions and Attitudes Toward Gay Men: Can Moral Psychology Add to Our Understanding of Homonegativity?
    5. A Psycho-Biblical Response to Death Anxiety: Separation and Individuation Dynamics in the Babel Narrative
    6. The Stories Students Tell: TAT Stories of Bereaved and Non-Bereaved College Students in a Christian Evangelical University
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    1. Attachment to God: A Qualitative Exploration of Emerging Adults' Spiritual Relationship with God
    2. The Relationship of Parental Attachment and Christian Spirituality with Intergenerational Conflict Between Korean-American Young Adults and Their Parents
    3. Negative Views of Parents and Struggles with God: An Exploration of Two Mediators
    4. Making Sense of Quest's Multidimensionality: The Search for a Higher Order Structure
    5. Social Personality Traits as Salient Predictors of Religious Doubt Phenomena Among Undergraduates
    6. Integrating Religiosity and Pornography Use into the Prediction of Bystander Efficacy and Willingness to Prevent Sexual Assault
  3. cover Summer 2013 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. "Please Care About Me!" or "I Am Pleased to Care About You!" Considering Adaptive and Maladaptive Versions of Unmitigated Communion
    2. Considering Adaptive and Maladaptive Versions of Unmitigated Communion: Part Two
    3. Reentry Program Impact on Missionary Kid Depression, Anxiety, and Stress: A Three-Year Study
    4. Embodied Integration
    5. Spirituality and Peer Victimization in Early Adolescence: Associations within a Christian School Context
  4. cover Spring 2013 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Sexual Minorities in Faith-Based Higher Education: A National Survey of Attitudes, Milestones, Identity, and Religiosity
    2. When Good People Have Bad Thoughts: Religiosity and the Emotional Regulation of Guilt-Inducing Intrusive Thoughts
    3. The Development and Validation of a God-Centered Self-Esteem Scale
    4. A Mixed-Methods Exploration of Christian Working Mothers' Personal Strivings
    5. An Ecumenical, Interdisciplinary, and Integrating Specialization Program in Pastoral Counseling in East Central Europe
    6. Moderators of the Relationship Between Religiosity and Alcohol Use in College Students