Volume 42

Volume 42
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    1. Why Did God Make Me This Way? Anger at God in the Context of Personal Transgressions
    2. Attachment to God, Psychological Need Satisfaction, and Psychological Well-Being Among Christians
    3. "A Cord of Three Strands is Not Easily Broken": An Empirical Investigation of Attachment-Based Small Group Functioning in the Christian Church
    4. Missionary Perspectives on the Effectiveness of Current Member Care Practices
    5. Theology for Better Counseling: Help from Within the Wesleyan-Holiness Theological Tradition
    6. Index for Volume 42
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    1. Community Sanctification of Forgiveness
    2. On Earth as it is in Heaven: Healing Through Forgiveness
    3. A Theological and Psychological Defense of Self-Forgiveness: Implications for Counseling
    4. Towards a Psychological Understanding of Servanthood: An Empirical Investigation of the Relationship Between Orthodox Beliefs, Experiential Avoidance, and Self-Sacrificial Behaviors Among Christians at a Religiously-Affiliated University
    5. Supporting Pastoral Psychology in China: Methods and Principles
    6. Psychometric Evaluation of the Arabic Version of the Spiritual Well-Being Scale on a Sample of Jordanian Arab Christians
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    1. Introduction: Teaching Christian Integration in Psychology and Counseling Courses
    2. Teaching Christian Faith Integration in Psychological Assessment Courses
    3. A Relationally Integrated Systems Model for Faith and Learning in Developmental Psychology
    4. Teaching Professional Ethics in a Faith-Based Doctoral Program: Pedagogical Strategies
    5. Integration in Multicultural Competence and Diversity Training: Engaging Difference and Grace
    6. Comic Books, Mock Trials, and Zombies: Engaging Integrative Biopsychology Themes in the Classroom
    7. Teaching Psychological Theories: Integration Tasks and Teaching Strategies
    8. Psychopathology Through the Eyes of Faith: Integrative Reflections for the Classroom and Beyond
    9. Integration of Christianity in Research and Statistics Courses
  4. cover Spring 2014 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Humility, Religion, and Spirituality: Introduction to the Special Issue
    2. Intellectual Arrogance and Intellectual Humility: An Evolutionary-Epistemological Account
    3. Intellectual Humility: Scale Development and Theoretical Elaborations in the Context of Religious Leadership
    4. A Social-Personality Perspective on Humility, Religiousness, and Spirituality
    5. Humbling Yourself Before God: Humility as a Reliable Predictor of Lower Divine Struggle
    6. Intellectual Humility and Reactions to Opinions About Religious Beliefs
    7. A Meaning-Based Approach to Humility: Relationship Affirmation Reduces Worldview Defense
    8. Attachment to God and Humility: Indirect Effect and Conditional Effects Models
    9. Virtues Develop From a Secure Base: Attachment and Resilience as Predictors of Humility, Gratitude, and Forgiveness
    10. Therapists' Multicultural Orientation: Client Perceptions of Cultural Humility, Spiritual/Religious Commitment, and Therapy Outcomes
    11. The Quiet Virtue Speaks: An Intervention to Promote Humility
    12. Humility, Religion, and Spirituality: An Endpiece