Volume 43

Volume 43
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    1. The Relationship of Self-Compassion with Perfectionistic Self-Presentation, Perceived Forgiveness, and Perceived Social Support in an Undergraduate Christian Community
    2. Church Support as a Predictor of Children's Spirituality and Prosocial Behavior
    3. Intellectual Humility and Forgiveness of Religious Conflict
    4. Relational Commitment as a Mediator of Religiousness to Marital Quality
    5. God Images and Resilience: A Study of Vietnamese Immigrants
    6. Mental Health of Cross-Cultural Healthcare Missionaries
    7. Index for Volume 43
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    1. Religious and Spiritual Diversity Training in Clinical Psychology Doctoral Programs: Do Explicitly Christian Programs Differ from Other Programs?
    2. Relational Integration, Part I: Differentiated Relationality Between Psychology and Theology
    3. Relational Integration, Part II: Relational Integration as Developmental and Intercultural
    4. Delight or Distraction: An Exploratory Analysis of Sabbath-Keeping Internalization
    5. The Influence of Affective Priming on One's Perceived Relationship to God
    6. Incorporating Evidence-Based Practices into Faith-Based Organization Service Programs
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    1. Religious Faith and the Virtues: An Introduction to the Special Issue
    2. Preliminary Analyses of Three Measures of Grace: Can They Be Unified?
    3. Rest as a Virtue: Theological Foundations and Application to Personal and Professional Life
    4. Studying Wisdom: Toward a Christian Integrative Perspective
    5. Compassion Development in Higher Education
    6. The Gratitude of Underprivileged Young People in Hong Kong: The Potential Role of Religious Mentors
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    1. Utilizing the Serenity Prayer to Teach Psychology Students About Stress Management
    2. Beyond Survival: Application of a Complex Trauma Treatment Model in the Christian Context
    3. Religious Fundamentalism and Psychological Well-Being: An Italian Study
    4. Spiritual Maturity as a Moderator of the Relationship Between Christian Fundamentalism and Shame
    5. What's the "Positive" in Positive Psychology? Teleological Considerations Based on Creation and Imago Doctrines
    6. A Metacognitive Perspective on Internal Dialogues and Rhetoric: Derived from the Details of the Prodigal Son's Parable