God Images and Resilience: A Study of Vietnamese Immigrants

Volume 43
Winter 2015
God Images and Resilience: A Study of Vietnamese Immigrants

This article examines the relationship between resilience and the God images of Vietnamese immigrants living in Canada. In earlier literature, little attention was paid to the way that these immigrants may have used spiritual components as resources in helping them endure struggle and become resilient (i.e., well-adapted, resourceful, and filled with a sense of purpose). In the current study, we examined the above link using an object relations’ perspective on God images and hypothesized that a more positive God image would be related to greater resilience. One hundred twenty-nine participants completed a demographic questionnaire, the Questionnaire on God Image (QGI), and the Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale (CD-RISC). Correlation and regression analyses showed that positive God images (e.g., those characterized by love, comfort, protection, and trust) were not only positively associated with a higher degree of resilience but also helped predict resilience among the Vietnamese immigrants we surveyed. We discuss various cultural implications of these findings for theory, research, and practice and make recommendations for future research.

Dr. T.T. Nguyen, Dr. C. Bellehumeur and Dr. J. Malette
271 - 282
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