Relational Spirituality and Forgiveness of Intergroup Offenses

Volume 44
Fall 2016
Relational Spirituality and Forgiveness of Intergroup Offenses

Many religious individuals use forgiveness to cope with interpersonal offenses. There has been much work on religion/spirituality and interpersonal forgiveness, but little theory or research has focused on religion/spirituality and intergroup forgiveness. The current study extends a model of relational spirituality to the context of intergroup forgiveness. Undergraduates (N = 166) identified an intergroup offense and completed measures of religious commitment, personality, relational spirituality, and forgiveness. After controlling for personality and religious commitment, appraisals of relational spirituality predicted additional variance in forgiveness of an intergroup offense. This study extends the literature on religion/spirituality and forgiveness to the intergroup context.

190 - 200
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