Volume 45

Volume 45
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    1. Preventing Compassion Fatigue amongst Pastors: The Influence of Spiritual Intelligence and Intrinsic Motivation
    2. Divine Discrimination: Gender Harassment and Christian Justification
    3. Power, Sexism, and Gender: Factors in Biblical Interpretation
    4. Still Waters Run Deep: Humility as a Master Virtue
    5. Attachment to Church Congregation: Contributions to Well-Being Over and Above Social Support
  2. cover Fall 2017 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Worldview Orientations in Close Relationships: Development and Initial Validation of the Contract-Covenant Continuum
    2. Revisiting and Extending the Role of Religious Coping in the Racism-Mental Health Relation Among Christian Asian American Students
    3. Spirituality in the Workplace: Practices, Challenges, and Recommendations
    4. Who's Your Daddy? Family Structure Differences in Attachment to God
    5. Place Attachment in the Bible: The Role of Attachment to Sacred Places in Religious Life
    6. An Unfortunate Comparison of Apples to Oranges: Comment on Jensma (2016)
    7. Apples or Oranges-Does the Fruit Remain? A Response to Rosik (2017)
  3. cover Summer 2017 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Cultural Differences in Family Affection and Coping Abilities for Missionary Kids
    2. Social Networks among Ministry Relationships: Relational Capacity, Burnout, & Ministry Effectiveness
    3. Early Trauma as a Predictor of Burnout and Social Network Structure in Mission Workers
    4. Posture in Relation to God and Ethnic Background: A Qualitative Analysis of Urban Youth Ministry Workers' Responses to Crisis
    5. Losing My Religion: Spiritual Discouragement amongst Christian Therapists due to Spiritual Immaturity in Christian Clients
    6. Featured Review
  4. cover Spring 2017 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Development of the Experiences of Humility Scale
    2. Calvinism, Gender Ideology, and Relational Spirituality: An Empirical Investigation of Worldview Differences
    3. Penal Substitutionary Atonement and Concern for Suffering: An Empirical Study
    4. A Gratitude Intervention in a Christian Church Community
    5. Perspectives Regarding Motivations for Adoption by Christian Adoptive Parents: A Qualitative Study