Spirituality in the Workplace: Practices, Challenges, and Recommendations

Volume 45
Fall 2017
Spirituality in the Workplace: Practices, Challenges, and Recommendations

Spirituality in the workplace has become an organizational behaviour issue in Canada. As 75% of Canadians indicate a religious affiliation, and as immigration and foreign worker programs lend themselves to an increasingly diverse workforce, there is a growing concern for Canadian employers to meet employees’ spirituality needs. Further, evolving spirituality definitions demand a study to help organizations better serve employee needs. This research seeks to identify the types and extent of spirituality accommodation in Canadian organizations. Based on an extensive literature review and analysis of employer practices pertaining to spirituality needs, this study constructs four categories of spiritual practices: traditional religion, new age, community service, and creativity. The findings show significantly higher accommodation for creativity and community service than for traditional religion and new age practices. This paper proposes four recommendations to help managers manage spirituality ethically and equitably.

Dr. M.K.L. Loo
182 - 204
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