Volume 5

Volume 5
  1. cover Fall 1977 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. The Assessment and Treatment of Moral Problems: A Developmental and Holistic Approach
    2. Holiness and Health: An Examination of the Relationship Between Christian Holiness and Mental Health
    3. Beyond Self-Actualization: Comments on the Life and Death of Stephen the Martyr
    4. The Psychology of Faith and the Meaning of Transcendence in the Philosophy of Kierkegaard
    5. Glossolalia and Internal-External Locus of Control
    6. Toward a Biblical Theology of Marriage and Family, Part 4: Epistles and Revelation
    7. Christian Perspectives on the Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction
  2. cover Summer 1977 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Sin and Maturity
    2. Secular and Sacred Models of Psychology and Religion
    3. Self-Disclosure in Biblical Perspective
    4. Inferential Theology- de rigueur or un grand peril
    5. Utilitarianism and Personal Faith
    6. Pastoral Care Methods and Demonology in Selected Writings
    7. Toward a Biblical Theology of Marriage and Family, Part 3: Gospels and Acts
  3. cover Spring 1977 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. The Introjected and the Intrinsic in Psychology and Christianity
    2. Demonic Involvement in Human Life and Illness
    3. The Process of Change: Sacred and Secular
    4. The Critique of "Mental Illness": Conceptual and/or Ethical Crisis?
    5. Toward a Christian Conception of Man
    6. The Rokeach Value Survey and Perceived Christian Values
    7. Adlerian Theory and Pastoral Counseling
    8. Toward a Biblical Theology of Marriage and Family, Part 2: Poetical and Prophetical Books
  4. cover Winter 1977 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. On the Mental Health of Jesus Christ
    2. God and Behavior Mod: Some Thoughts Concerning the Relationships Between Biblical Principles and Behavior Modification
    3. A Psychological Paradigm for the Interpretation of the Charismatic Phenomenon of Prophecy
    4. The Therapist and Christian Client in Relationship
    5. Personal Identity and Creative Self-Understanding: Contributions of Jean Piaget and Erik Erikson to the Psychological Foundations of Theology
    6. Religious Conservatism in a Quasi-Longitudinal Perspective
    7. Communication Theory and Petitionary Prayer
    8. Toward a Biblical Theology of Marriage and Family, Part 1: Pentateuch and Historical Books