The Process of Change: Sacred and Secular

Volume 5
Spring 1977
The Process of Change: Sacred and Secular

Theology speaks of the process of conversion, and clinical psychology deals with how people change. The essence or the nature of the person who changes is important to the discussion. The true self as well as the nature of pathology is surveyed from both a theological perspective and also from some of the systems of personality theory. The concept of the image of God in persons is the basis of the theological definition. Conversion and the process of change often brought about through the process of psychotherpay have observable psychological antecedents and results. Changes in therapy may take place at the analytical level, in the search for identity, and in the process of self-realization. The significant similarities and differences between Christian conversion and changes in therapy are discussed. Conversion brings a person to the realization of one's true personhood, but therapy may still be necessary to bring about changes with both intrapsychic and interpersonal deficiencies and excesses. The work and resources of the Holy Spirit are an essential part in a change that brings about the beginnning of the healing of the whole person.

C.B. Johnson
103 - 109
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