Is Creativity Incompatible with Orthodoxy?

Volume 6
Spring 1978
Is Creativity Incompatible with Orthodoxy?

Several psychological studies linking creativity with unorthodox religious beliefs were reviewed. The conclusion that orthodox belief and creativity are infrequently found together in our time and culture was accepted as probably valid but by no means inevitable. Scientific creativity was analyzed by applying a decision theory approach to scientific behavior. Outstanding scientific creativity was viewed as, in part, resulting from a decision strategy to "€œDiscover truth by any means"€ rather than to "€œAvoid error at all costs."€ An important parallel between scientific creativity and the dynamics of faith were delineated, suggesting that an improved understanding of this kinship might remove some mental obstacles to creativity among orthodox believers in our culture.

Dr. D.R. Ridley and Dr. N.A. Schroer
98 - 103
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